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CLEARSURANCE: Your Trusted Source for Insurance Information

No industry combines so much money with so little transparency more than the insurance industry. Most people simply rely on family, friend or broker recommendations to find their auto, home or renter's policy. But with over 2,500 licensed property and casualty insurance companies in the market, it's hard to know which companies are the best. Until now, there simply has not been an available resource to compare your options and make better insurance decisions.

Welcome Clearsurance! Clearsurance is on a mission: to provide the most objective, trustworthy and comprehensive ratings, reviews and advocacy tools in the insurance industry. As more consumers purchase insurance directly from insurance companies, there is a clear need for a trusted, independent source for consumers to share their insurance experiences, learn from others, and compare their options.

Clearsurance has created the most dynamic, new measure of an insurance company. The algorithm analyzes a range of inputs, including crowdsourced reviews, poll results, net promoter scores and claim satisfaction scores from real customers. In addition, Clearsurance uses independent rating agencies, including AM Best (financial solvency and strength) and the Better Business Bureau accreditation to create the most comprehensive metric in the market.

Clearsurance is the first-to-market, crowdsourced rating and review platform by people for people. Clearsurance is not an insurance agent or broker. Clearsurance is not an insurance company.

Rather, Clearsurance is a content platform with a community of insurance consumers sharing experiences, rating those experiences with insurance companies, and creating transparency for all insurance consumers to understand how insurance works. Clearsurance wants to make sure people know the reputation of their insurance company.

Clearsurance is comprised of a team of software, technology, and insurance advocacy entrepreneurs brought together by a passion for making it simple for insurance consumers to be better informed so they can have confidence in their insurance decisions. Additionally, Clearsurance seeks to partner with industry leaders, such as AAPIA, to bring awareness to the insurance industry. Early on, AAPIA provided Clearsurance with valuable insight into the insurance industry. Their unique perspective has afforded Clearsurance with yet another view of the insurance industry. It is relationships like these that Clearsurance capitalizes on to bring about further transparency into the insurance industry.

Visit today to rate and write about your experience with your insurance carrier.