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Comment on Proposed Changes to COMAR 31.08.05 from AAPIA


The American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters  supports the proposed rule change to Insurance Article, §§2-109 and 27-216, and Title 11, Subtitle 2, Annotated Code of Maryland,   which adds a  45 day written notice prior to renewal of the effective date of an endorsement  when the insurer initiates an endorsement that  changes the coverage in any primary property or casualty policy. This notice provision allows the policy holder to be fully informed as to his or her rights under the policy and provides a window of opportunity to make a change in coverage, if necessary.  AAPIA is proud to support any rule change that strengthens the rights of consumers by increasing awareness of possible reductions in coverage, allowing the policy holder to react to such proposed changes in coverage.  

Thank you for the opportunity to provide our comments.

Holly K. Soffer, Esq.  Legal counsel to AAPIA