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Claim-Handling Guidelines & Regulations by State


Claims Magazine is providing the following free guidelines and regulations in order to help adjusting professionals stay abreast of each state’s unique property and casualty claim-handling requirements. Each guideline features an explanation of the act to be performed, compliance timeframes for each act, and hyperlinked references to each state's insurance code. The links were compiled by compiled by Lynch & Associates, We hope you find them useful and informative. Please note that these guidelines were updated in 2010, but occassional changes in each state's code are to be expected. These guidelines should be used as a reference only, and do not supercede each state's published regulations.

Just Looking for Each State's Deadline for Acknowledging Receipt of a Claim? Download PDF

List of State Guidelines:

Alabama160.18 KB
Alaska442.76 KB
Arizona122.27 KB
Arkansas281.23 KB
California184.65 KB
Colorado95.05 KB
Connecticut260.21 KB
Delaware322.64 KB
Florida220.2 KB
Georgia106.21 KB
Hawaii102.12 KB
Idaho91.1 KB
Illinois194.27 KB
Indiana81.94 KB
Iowa216.66 KB
Kansas156.07 KB
Kentucky191.93 KB
Louisiana120.76 KB
Maine360.67 KB
Maryland238.92 KB
Massachusetts200.7 KB
Michigan266.47 KB
Minnesota366.15 KB
Mississippi180.91 KB
Missouri258.2 KB
Montana230.73 KB
Nebraska203.5 KB
Nevada202.74 KB
New_Hampshire175.47 KB
New_Jersey156 KB
New_Mexico119.93 KB
New_York91.44 KB
North_Carolina92.21 KB
Ohio90.44 KB
Oklahoma85.95 KB
Oregon81.71 KB
Pennsylvania105.52 KB
Rhode_Island106.01 KB
South_Carolina114.88 KB
South_Dakota90.74 KB
Tennessee162.64 KB
Texas175.36 KB
Utah97.92 KB
Vermont105.62 KB
Virginia114.99 KB
Washinton143.11 KB
West_Virginia176.86 KB
Wisconsin83.16 KB
Wyoming92.48 KB