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To All My Public Adjuster Friends Across the Nation:

Each of our states enjoys the use of our state represented public adjuster association, but where and how does the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA) fit in? Simple.

When your state association stands for your public adjuster rights in your state, AAPIA is working in the background with each state representative separately to show how each state works towards the public adjuster model and helps to achieve success in the bill passing stage.

Five states remain that do not have laws regarding public adjusters. AAPIA has worked on behalf of policyholders and public adjusters to inform legislators on The Value of Public Adjusting. I have contacted Mr. Gene Veno, President of AAPIA, on numerous occasions, to seek his advice on licensing laws in multiple states. Mr. Veno is there to help his public adjuster members because he believes in the work we do day in and day out to help our clients.

Last year during the Florida FAPIA Spring Session, I saw Gene Veno and Mike Capilli repeatedly, making headway in passing several bills in other states. As you are well aware, it is nearly impossible to get legislation passed on a state or national level. I have seen where AAPIA has had tremendous success in Virginia, California, NJ, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia just to name a list of AAPIA'S work on behalf of our Public Adjuster Industry.

AAPIA works tirelessly towards this goal of assisting policy makers to understand the myriad of bills and how other states word them, their meanings and implications. No other association does this for you. The Annual Fee of just $250.00 is a small price to pay for peace of mind after a legislative session is over and you don't have a fee cut or an action created that forbids you work that you once had.

Please consider Joining Today Join at and rest assured you will have protection. There has never been a time I have called or emailed Gene and didn't receive an immediate response back within 12 hours or sooner. Surely you understand the deep pockets of the insurance industry. Your support helps us to fight back with a loud voice.

Gary Rowland, President
AAA Claim Consultants, Inc.

Dear Mr. Veno:

I like to take the opportunity as a member of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters to thank you and your team for your diligent work on the current law with the Public Adjusters Act and contract that just passed in our state.  Your team and the whole public adjuster community came together to make the law fair and equitable to all parties involved being the consumer, the insurance industry and also Public Adjusters.

Again, I have recommended numerous new members to our organization in hopes that they join to make the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters stronger and to stand up not only for their rights of public adjusters but also the rights of consumers/policy holders in the country.  Keep up the good work.

Very truly yours,

John J. Ruback, Jr.
Ruback & Associates, LLC.

Mr. Veno, let me start off by saying that you were responsive to my e-mail. You called the contact person within the public adjustment company I signed the contract with, investigated the matter, and tried to be a mediating voice to ensure fairness. You also were firm about your stance regarding the positive reputation of your industry and I can appreciate that. I do thank you for hearing  and understanding my position. You showed professionalism, patience and integrity rather than just blowing me off. Although the final details regarding my case are not quite resolved your involvement did get attention in my favor. Thanks for everything.

Quintin Wilkinson
D.C. Water
Department of Facilities and Security

Just bought the "Safety in the field" book, here is my testimonial

"The American Association of Public Adjusters lead by Gene Veno, is a fantastic organization. They are a great source of information for many different types of challenges that come up in the public adjusting field. Gene is always prompt with getting the best answers and solutions needed. The members of the association serve as a great source of information as well. There are regular updates to members on current topics related to the public adjusting industry. Gene is also involved with legislation to protect public adjusters nationwide. The question is do you want to join an association that only wants to collect dues or or do you want to join an association that actually cares and protects it's members? AAPIA does that latter. I strongly recommend joining the association to any one wanting to be with the best public adjusting association around period".

Thanks again Gene, as always there will be more questions coming :)


Please understand, I am very pleased with the work AAPIA does for us. The recent transition in Pennsylvania's licensing laws in tandem with the bonding requirements went especially smoothly, primarily through your efforts.

Thank you so much,

David DeFlavis Regional Vice President Metro Public Adjustment, Inc.

I would like to thank you for a quick response with my problem with the public adjuster that I was dealing with. You took action on my problem and im really greatful. Im a firm believer that their are good people in this world who go unrecognized and you should be. Thank you again and may God bless you.