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About Us

The mission of AAPIA is to provide a forum for the dissemination of timely market and industry related information, provide education and social functions, and to serve as a representative voice for licensed public adjusters in all aspects of the Public Insurance Adjusting Profession!

We report regularly to all Public Insurance Adjusters nationwide on matters that pertain to them.

We communicate with insurance commissioners and regulators in every state addressing important policyholder issues as they arise.

We assist regulators with legal analysis.

We inform the public on “The Value of a Public Adjuster”!

We inform the licensed public adjuster of the ethical standards that are required to maintain a public adjuster license.

AAPIA monitors all state licensing laws and regulations that can have an impact on Public Insurance Adjusters in how they represent policyholders.

AAPIA was founded in 2004 to ensure that the rights of a public adjuster are represented so that the licensed public adjuster would be able to work in a fair and open marketplace.

AAPIA advocates for the profession of Public Insurance Adjusters nationally.

AAPIA meets with insurance commissioners and governmental regulators throughout the country discussing language and rules and regulations so that the license of a public adjuster is properly maintained and enacted, and at times offers expert analysis to aid the process.

AAPIA advocates for all licensed public adjusters!

AAPIA has testified in many state houses across the United States on behalf of the licensed public adjuster advocating for a fair and reasonable market in which our members can continue to serve their policyholders.

AAPIA receives calls and inquiries from legislators and their staff when language is being considered or amendments offered that will improve the licensing act of a public adjuster.

AAPIA advocates for continuing education units for all public adjusters so that they can continue to advance and improve their knowledge of the industry they represent.

AAPIA works ongoing with the licensing industry to educate the public adjuster on the highest ethical standards of services.

AAPIA has committed thousands of dollars on behalf of the public adjuster profession in support of new laws and regulations that would improve the license of a public adjuster.

AAPIA has presented expert testimony in many states so that the license of a public adjuster will be seen as a viable and important profession serving the consumer.

AAPIA works with the many insurance fraud and abuse agencies in each state.

AAPIA created a Safety Manual for Adjusters and works to educate and inform all adjusters on a national level of the importance of safety when they work in the community. All profits from the sale of the Safety in the Field for Adjusters is dedicated to the

AAPIA has advocated for new licensing laws for public adjusters in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois

AAPIA has submitted language to department of insurance regulators and legislators that seek to improve the license of a public adjuster so that all laws and regulations follow the National Association of Insurance Commissioners 2005 Public Adjuster Licensing Act.

We Look Forward To Working With YOU!