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Making History

SINCE 2004

Guiding the Future of Public Insurance Adjusting

Since our establishment in 2004, the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA) has recognized the need for a dedicated platform that represents the interests of both public adjusters and policyholders in an industry where their voices could sometimes be overshadowed. This realization led to the formation of AAPIA, serving as a beacon of transparency, protection, and empowerment.

AAPIA has continuously strived to bring transparency and light to the insurance industry. We have been relentless in our pursuit of creating a fair and open marketplace, where insured individuals can find assistance—regardless of the size of their claim.

An Optimistic Look Ahead


One of AAPIA's core strengths lies in our unwavering dedication to monitoring legislation and policy developments. By staying up-to-date with the latest changes that impact the public adjusting profession, we have successfully advocated for the protection of the interests of both public adjusters and policyholders. AAPIA's active involvement in shaping regulations and policies has been instrumental in safeguarding the rights and ensuring fair treatment for all stakeholders.

As we continue to grow, AAPIA remains committed to providing education, resources, and support to public adjusters. Through comprehensive educational programs, workshops, and valuable resources, we enable our members to stay informed, develop their expertise, and deliver exceptional results for their clients.

Looking ahead, AAPIA remains dedicated to its mission of promoting ethical standards, advocating for fair treatment of policyholders, and fostering a thriving community of public adjusters. We are proud of our history and the significant impact we have made in the industry.


Join us as we continue to pioneer the future of public insurance adjusting, empowering professionals and advocating for the rights of policyholders.

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AAPIA's Visionary Leadership

At AAPIA, we are privileged to have a team of visionary leaders who drive our mission forward and inspire excellence within the public insurance adjusting profession. Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and dedication to the table, guiding our organization to new heights.

Their expertise spans a wide range of areas, including claims management, policy interpretation, industry regulations, and strategic planning. With their combined knowledge and strategic vision, our leaders steer our organization towards innovation, transparency, and professional growth.

Ways to Collaborate & Connect with AAPIA

Business Colleagues

Connect with the industry's best public insurance adjusters, and other related professionals.

Awards Ceremony

Connect directly with potential clients, like public insurance adjusters, and other professionals.

Laughing Work Colleagues

Mingle and learn with us, whether you're a member, sponsor, or a like-minded professional.

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